The Suwałki Tourist Organization was established in 2006. It associates legal and private persons interested in the promotion of the region at home and abroad.

The northern part of the Suwałki region situated on the eastern Green Velo route is part of the biker's paradise of the Suwałki Region and Augustów Forest.

It is a "fairy-tale land" not only because of its amazing landscapes, hills interspersed with lakes and rivers (e.g. the Czarna Hańcza, Rospuda or the Szeszupa), it is also a place inhabited by dwarfs and boasts fairy-tale villages and many tourist attractions one must see!  Welcome to the Polish pole of cold – a place for lovers of skiing, snowboarding and sleigh rides!

Suwalski Landscape Park with Lake Hańcza, the deepest Polish lake, unique Castle Hill in Szurpiły, a former abode of the mysterious Yotvingian tribe, movie-like landscapes, Cisowa Hill - the symbol of the region, and the Yotvingian Fortress rope park .

Wigierski National park with the beautiful Lake Wigry and the complex of the Post-Camaldolese Monastery on the lake's peninsula, places associated with Pope John Paul II,  the history of the monastery and the old gentry manors recorded in the Hutta manor.

"Wisztyniec" Border Tripoint at Bolcie,  near Wiżajny, the meeting place of three countries: Poland, Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast), probably the easiest to access border tripoint in Poland, attractively developed for tourists (includes "the biking throne” of Green Velo trail, bike service, walking paths and car parks)

Year-round "WOSiR Szelment" Centre on Lake  Szelment Wielki at the foot of Jesionowa Hill (includes ski slopes, water skiing, rope park, and an exhibition of the sport trophies belonging to W. Fortuna, RockWater Szelment Festival). 

Suwałkisummer capital of blues (Suwałki Blues Festival) and many other cultural events, the city boasts a neoclassical old town, the birthplace of the writer Maria Konopnicka and painter Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski; visitors can enjoy the local Aquapark and interesting museums.

Hundreds beds on offer in Suwałki and surrounding area in hotels (in Suwałki e.g. atmospheric LOFT 1898, modern Logos), licenced pensions (Folwark Hutta), historical Kordegarda in Dowspuda, numerous farmstays (e.g. Leśna Dolina, Na wzgórzu, Ośrodek SOWA, and rooms that can be rented at the Suwałki Chamber of Agriculture and Tourism and Wigry Tourist Association), or places at the Eurocamping  in Suwałki

We recommend many restaurants with excellent cuisine,  and our regional specialty - rennet cheeses from "Macierzanka" Association - delicacy from the Polish pole of cold (near Wiżajny).

Thousands kilometres of marked tourist trails, developed leisure facilities and biker friendly routes.

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Suwałki Region - visit by bike, car, narrow-gauge railway, kayak, ship, on foot or skis - any way you prefer! 

Suwałki Tourist Organization welcomes all visitors!

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